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hi ^^
i hope i´ll do this one right
what was in my mind was a fic with a Hughes/Roy/Ed threesome pairing... (haven´t seen this one yet ^^)

the main idea is... erm.. let´s call it edward-centric drama with roy and maes being there to comfort....

it´s supposed to be slightly AU since i would prefer if hughes wouldn´t die ^^;
mebbe his wife instead of him?
roy and hughes are living kinda together with, or without hughes daughter.

here add in ed

give him some drama or angst (your choice, his brother, his childhood, sickness, lonliness, rape, fears, i just like him angsty)

roy knows or finds out and takes him home with him.
hughes cares anyway and there insert a nice comforting happy little threesome...

threesome lemonscene would be very nice.....

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