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Pairing: Edward Elric/Alicia Hughes (name?),  Past Edward Elric/Roy Mustang
Rating: Any

One of the big topics covered in alot of Ed/Roy fics is the fact that Roy is 14 years older than Ed and that could cause problems in the relationship.  Well, let's say those two did have a relationship that ended due to that reason.  Now, a little more than a decade later, Ed finds that Alicia's childhood crush is no longer a crush and that the girl reall does have feelings for him, and worse yet, he find that he has feelings in return.  Now it's Ed's turn to feel like the pedo since she's 12 years younger than him. 

Things that you might want to mention:

1. A confrontation between Ed and Roy since now Ed understands what roy was going through when they were together
2. The fact that she's Hughes' daughter and Ed feels guilty about the man's death
3. Mention that he was their when she was born and basically got to see her grow up
4. Left over feelings that Ed and roy may still have for one another


Pairing: Edward/ Psiren 
Rating: R or NR-17

Her array did some pretty interesting transformations.  You know Ed would love to get a better look at it.


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