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Pairing: Roy/Ed/Riza
Rating: Any
Summary: Roy finds a romance novel sitting out and decides to do a bit of role playing...

Roy finds a romance novel sitting out one day.  Since Riza is the only woman living there, he believes it to be hers.  After reading a few chapters he decides to to do some role playing and goes off to get a priate outfit.  Once everything is ready, he waits for his victum to return home and continue to read the novel so he can catch her in the 'mood'.  Later, to his surprise, it's not Riza that he finds reading the book, but Ed instead. 

Pairing: Ed/human Al/maybe Roy (it's up to you)
Rating: R or NR-17
Summary: Ed has the chicken poxs.  Al's taking care of him.

Ed has finally caught chicken poxs and Al, being the good brother he is, insists on taking care of him.  But, we all know how itching and irrating chicken poxs can be, and we also all know that you're not suppose to scratch them.  But do you think Ed will obey that advice?  Nooooooo.... Which is why, Al has no reason but to tie his brother up and keep him from scratching.

Pairings: Any or none
Rating: Any
Summary:FMA Cyber space

A sin:  A very advance and often malicious Bot. Created and controled by alchemists.

The seven deadly sins:  An urban ledgen.  The seven deadly sins are bots with artificial intelligence who's basic programming is taken directly from the 'Philosopher's Stone Program.'  They are advance enough to take a physical body through use of high definition holograms. Many believe that they were created by the orginal designer of the philosopher stone and their ablity to think on their own is due a fluke that happens durning human tranformation, where memories are parturally recovered before the backlash takes effect.

The Philosopher's Stone:  A copy of the original program, prior to being encoded, that runs the world's computers networks. With this, an alchemist can hack into progrmaing in the cyberworld and alter it without limits or rules.

Red Stone: A partially decoded section of the orginal Philosopher's Stone program.
A flawed/incomplete Philosopher's Stone: A copy of the orginal, uncoded, program that has been damaged and has large sections missing.

Alchemist:  Advanced hackers.  Can alter the cyber world with arrays.

Arrays:  An image that contains programs. They are more popular than text programming among Alchemist due to the fact that sins are unable to use or affect them.

Automail: When a person's personal identifacation chip is damaged, their cyber image will often come up with errors, often causing teh appearence of missing limbs.  Without the philosopher's stone, this damage can not be restored to teh correct orginal program, but skilled programers can often rewrite the damaged area, providing a functional image program. Has some benifits and disadvatages. Tends to take a 'robotic' look in the cyber world instead of the typical 'flesh' appearence.

Armor: Outdated netport image blocker. A privacy tool that is intended to shield a user's cyber image from unwanted identity probing by displaying a false image or avatar, such as an image of a suit of armor, to the viewer. When an armor program is in use, a person can not enter any areas of the net that require identificaction.

The Net: A term from the 1990's that has carried over and is now used as the common name for the cyberworld.

Netport: Term used to describe any user's point of entry to the Net. Basically, the terminal through which they log onto the cyber world.

Human transformation: Every time one enters the Net, their thoughts and memories are uploaded and saved in a temory file until they disconnect and the file is automaticially deleted.  It is belived that a skilled alchemist can use forensic to discovered those deleted files and create a body less cyber image of the person, which they can possible later restore to a newly forming clone, hologram, or robot. Has never been sussufully done and often results in sever backlash.

Backlash:  the deleting or the temp. folder in which thoughts and memories are kept before one disconnects, which can cause damage to one's cyber image, or, in sever causes,  can cause brain damage or even death. 

State Alchemist: Hackers who work for the government and largely run the world's computer networking system.

Chimera: A person who has had computer parts implanted in their body (cybernetic organism, or "cyborg") that allows them into interact in the cyber world a great deal faster and easier than the average person or bionic. Mostly computer, cannot function adequately in the real world, but excels in the cyber world.

Bionic: A person with some minor mechanical/computerized enhancements, such as a mechanical arm. Capabilities vary based upon the enhancement and design. Often called automail due to the visual similarities of the cyber world's automail.

Ishbal: A country that mainly consist of people who worship the god, 'Ishbala.' They are against the use of computers and mondern technology, believing it to be a sin.

The gate: The process by which the real world connects with the cyberworld. Similar to the "handshake" process of a modem.

Cyberworld: The visual world one see and interacts with while connected to the net.

Cyber Image:  A person's visuale appearance on the Net.  A person appears the same in teh cyber world as they do in the real world because one's cyber image is their personal identifacation card.  A skilled alchemist may be able to tweak his cyber image slightly (such as eye or hair color) but the size, height, sex, and other such ffeatures remain the same.  A cyber image can be masked by using an armor program.

Pairings: Any
Rating: Any
Summary: FMA SWAT team

Ed and Al witness the murder of their mother (who happens to have been married to a mob leader.) The boys try to take matters into their own hands and Roy Mustang who talks them into joining the SWAT.  They end up hearing news of some documents floating around that contain the names, addresses, etc of the crime ring, so they try to track it down even though it's just a rumor.

State alchemist's would be the SWAT, normal soliders like riza would be police and such.


Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: Any
Summary: A story based on this FMA Cowboys Pic.

Pairing: Jean (Havoc)/Ed
Rating: Any
Summary:A story based on 'A Black Tie Affair' Pic.

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