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I have finally given up on ever writing these fics, but I decided to put them up for adoption in case somebody else wants to.

This one was inspired by the movie "Danny the Dog", also known as "Unleashed" (which, if you haven't watched, you should 'cause it's an awesome movie). The connections to FMA here are obvious, with the whole 'dog of the military' thing going on.
It's an AU where Ed was not taken on by Roy, but put under Brigadier General Gran's command. Al was separated from him and locked away to be used as an experiment. Gran decides to make Ed into a living weapon even more, by brainwashing him entirely. Basically Ed becomes a human 'dog', with a heavy metal collar- when the collar is on he's obedient, when it's off he's a killing machine. Alchemy has become practically instinctive for him at this point, he doesn't truly understand what he's doing anymore.
Then Roy is sent to Central to fight Scar- and is paired with Ed (cue Roy-angst over what he caused Ed to become). Then Gran is killed, and Roy is left with Ed, and trying to get him to behave like a normal person again. And then they discover that Al's still alive (whom Ed thought was dead years ago)
I didn't think of it as yaoi, but it could also be written as yaoi if somebody wants.
I could go on for quite a bit about my thoughts on this idea, but this is the basic plot-bunny.

An FMA/Naruto crossover oneshot, post series.
Ed is stuck in the alter world, and looking for a way home. While researching types of energy he comes across chakra, and chakra being a type of life-energy, decides to collect it in order to create a Philosopher's stone to help him get home. He reconfigures the chakra flow in his own body to create the stone's array, and the fact that it's a living array makes it possible to bypass the alchemy limit in that world. He wanders around fighting people to collect their chakra. Basically, he wins even if he loses, since he can absorb any kind of chakra attack (and that's all he's really after). Hearing about Naruto's amazing power, he gravitates toward the Hidden Leaf village, to get some of it for himself.
It's got plenty of opportunity for playing around with, but I just thought of it as a sorta cute oneshot crossover.

If anybody wants these, feel free, and I'll be very happy...
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